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The objective of this web site is to talk about things that matter to me, and I hope, will matter to you.  I’ll also share things that I think are fun or informative.

My primary area of interest these days is Restorative Justice.  I wholeheartedly believe that we have been on the wrong track in dealing with crime and its effects over the last several decades.  We are not “teaching people a lesson” by simply incarcerating them for longer and longer periods of time.  Usually (70% or more of the time), they are simply returned to us more damaged and less able to function productively after each stint in jail or prison.  If, instead of seeking only to punish, we seek to heal the harm they have done and the harm that has been done to them, our society will be safer and we will benefit from the gifts former offenders can give us as productive members of our society.  It is my honor to Co-Chair the Restorative Justice Committee of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of San Mateo County since 2008.  I hope, through SVdP and other venues, to be instrumental in bringing Restorative Justice practices to my community and beyond.

I also am in love with where I live---Redwood City’s slogan is “climate best by government test.”  It is a community climate that nurtures neighborliness and collaboration to achieve the common good.  I’m proud to have been a part of Redwood City’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission from 1986-2010 and a member of the Civic Cultural Commission for the eight years before that.

My third love is Toastmasters.  I joined SRI’s club in 1980 as a charter member.  Since then, I have learned much about communication and leadership from my Toastmasters experience.  It is an invaluable laboratory in which to learn the skills to bring your message to those you meet.

Just for fun, as I have time, I’ll be adding the pictures from my travels over the years.

There is a section for each of these topics in the pages of this web site.


1000 Congregations Campaign

Join the 1000 Congregations Campaign to encourage dialogue on the death penalty.  Lots of resources are available at:

June 3, 2015


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At left, cooking crab, below, Oregon coastline